Fully automate your user feedback workflow


With our Jira integration, every report is automatically forwarded to your Jira board without you lifting a finger. No more wasting time typing up feedback tickets. Our integrations empower you to immediately start resolving issues instead.


Integrate Gleap with Trello to fully automate your feedback process. A card with all the essential information on the bug or request is directly created in Trello as soon as a report arrives.


Every time someone reports a bug, sends feedback or starts chatting, you will immediately receive a notification in your selected Slack channel. Never fall behind on issues with our Slack integration.


With our GitHub integration you can automatically transfer the metadata from every new report to your GitHub repo. You will be able to start resolving issues immediately.


A task with all the essential information on the bug or feedback is directly created in your Asana project as soon as a report arrives. Improve your software quality 10x faster with our Asana integration.


The Notion API has only recently been made available and you can already integrate Gleap with it. Automatically send all your Gleap tickets including feedback, reports and ratings to your Notion board.


Our ClickUp integration empowers you to send all reports directly to your ClickUp board together with all the important metadata. You’ll now fix issues at the speed of light.


Have your Gleap tickets automatically shipped to your Zendesk account. Thereby streamline your bug reporting process and customer support all at once.

Microsoft Teams

Automatically send notifications to your Microsoft Teams channels to stay on top of your bug battling game. Know immediately if someone reported a bug, sent feedback or left you a rating. Simply integrate it using Webhooks.


Report bugs and send ratings or feedback directly from your mobile or web project to Webhooks. Send issues with all the important metadata to literally any REST api.


Bring Gleap into your workflow with awork and let your team be even more productive. From now on your awork tasks will automatically contain all our insights into bug reports, ratings and requests: screenshots, replays and logs.


With over 2000 integrations, connect Gleap to literally any platform or service and fully automate your workflow.


Automate your workflow and directly send feedback items to your HubSpot pipeline.


Bring Gleap into your workflow with shortcut and let your team be even more productive.

Suggest an integration

Looking for a specific integration that’s missing from the list? Simply suggest one by contacting us.