Customer survey template

Reduce the churn rate

For obvious reasons keeping the customer churn rate as low as possible is one of the key determinants for both business success and growth. Churn surveys actually prevent cancellations in two ways. Firstly, by getting feedback from cancelling customers, you can identify flaws in your product to avoid further customers from leaving. And secondly, by asking and genuinely caring for your customers, some might change their mind completely and stay with you.  



What you’ll learn with our churn survey template:


  1. The main reasons why customers churn your product
  2. Uncover features or fixes that would have made users stay
  3. Find functionalities that would have made your product more useful for users


Why run a churn survey:


It’s every company’s main target to keep churn rates at their lowest and there’s no better way to accomplish that than to actually ask customers who churned why they did so. Even better, some of them might actually change their mind in the future if you end up listening to their feedback. 


Who to target with the onboarding survey: 


This survey is most useful when sent to all customers or subscribers who ended their plan or cancelled their subscription with you. We recommend sending it via email right after someone churned. 

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