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Product market fit survey

Are you already measuring product market fit at your company? If the answer is no, you should maybe take a look into the matter. Especially for startups, product market fit is one of the KPIs to watch closely. The most important question to ask in this kind of survey is “How disappointed would you be if you could no longer use our product?”. The general rule of thumb is that if over 40 % of your users answer this question with “very disappointed”, you have reached product market fit and are good to start scaling.


Of course, matters are a bit more complicated than that, though. You should also ask your users about the main benefits of your product or feature and ask them for improvement suggestions. This way you can immediately get insights into how you can make your product even more valuable to your users.


What you’ll learn with our product market fit survey template: 


  1. Does your product acutally meet the market’s demand
  2. What you need to improve or change to actually meet your users’ needs
  3. Identify the main features your users cannot live without



Why run a product market fit survey: 


Finding product market fit is the main factor for success. Most early-stage companies fail because they never actually manage to uncover the unique value they offer for their customers. Running this survey, will give you a clearer idea of what you need to adapt to meet your users’ needs even better. 



Who to target with the product market fit survey: 


This template should be targeted at more senior users who have used your product for quite some time and quite extensively. They will be the ones to provide the most valuable feedback on this matter.

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