Customer survey template

Onboarding experience

Early product engagement is one of the most important factors when it comes to growth. You want to make sure that the vast majority of potential customers who start an onboarding flow with your product then convert to paying and loyal customers. Potential hick-ups or difficulties in your onboarding flow can be best identified by monitoring the conversion rate closely and by talking to your users. With in-app or on-site surveys right after a customer completed the onboarding, you’ll get super valuable insights into potential improvements.  



What you’ll learn with our onboarding survey template: 


  1. How happy your users are with your onboarding overall
  2. The main issues your users face when navigating through your onboarding flow
  3. How you could improve your onboarding process


Why run an onboarding survey: 


By constantly improving your onboarding process, your conversion rates will definitely go up. This template allows you to achieve higher activation and retention rates. 


Who to target with the onboarding survey: 


We recommend conducting this survey every time a user completes your onboarding process. This way you’ll get real time feedback on how intuitive your flow is and can take action wherever neccessary.  

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