Customer survey template

Improve an existing product or feature

We all strive towards building the best products out there, don’t we!? If you want answers on how to further improve existing products or features, we suggest you start by asking your users. The best way to evaluate whether you’re working on the right new features or whether your improvement is actually going places is to ask customers continuously. While this used to be a time-consuming process, you can now simply gather feedback at scale with on-site and in-app surveys. 


These insights should then inform your product development and help you prioritize what to work on first, which improvements to make and what kind of features to add. And don’t forget to let your users know they’ve been heard.



What you’ll learn with our existing product survey template: 


  1. How satisfied your users are with your product or service overall
  2. What are your users’ most and least favorite features
  3. Determine which features to work on next


Why run a survey on your existing product: 


Besides continuous improvements based on customer feedback, product development is also very much about making informed decisions on which features to work on in the future. With this survey, you’ll get your users’ opinion on these major decisions. After all, they’re the ones who work with your product. 


Who to target with the existing product survey: 


Depending on what part of your solution you are looking to improve, you could target users right after they’ve completed your onboarding process or you could target more senior users to get broader insights into existing services or products.

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