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Customer experience survey

We believe that a strategy to map out customer experience should always start with customer feedback. After all, the people who actually use your product daily, know best when it comes to usability. Each touchpoint you have with your customer in your app or website offers an opportunity to ask your users for their feedback on how you’re doing usability wise. 


Bear in mind that user journeys are super personal so the more feedback you gather from various people, the better. With customer experience survey you cannot only measure and improve your CX but you can also adapt your sales funnels and marketing campaigns accordingly and create a culture of loyalty but not only listening to your customers, but learning what they love or maybe even dislike about your product. So don’t waste any time, start asking your users for feedback.



What you’ll learn with our customer experience survey template: 


  1. How satisfied your users are with the usability of your existing product
  2. How you could improve your product to make users even happier
  3. Uncover the obstacles your customers face when using your product


Why run a customer experience survey: 


Product development is very much about continuously improving your product when it comes to its usability. You want your customers to maneuver through your product effortlessly. To accomplish that goal, we recommend speaking to existing users because usually they know best.  


Who to target with the customer experience survey: 


Depending on what part of your solution you are looking to improve, you could target users right after they’ve completed your onboarding process or you could target more senior users to get broader insights into the overall ease of use of your product.

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