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Create better content

Creating valuable content has various benefits: it will engage your audience, improve the organic traffic to your website, generate media attention and generate leads. Engagement is probably the key factor in online marketing and there are various ways to increase this metric. You can either promote your content, work with images or headlines you use or you can simply ask your users what they would love to read about. 


To make producing the right content even easier and more effective for you, we’ve introduced our content in-app or on-web survey template. We recommend triggering this survey right after users have consumed your content. Go ahead, try it yourself.



What you’ll learn with our survey template on content creation: 


  1. How relevant your content is to your audience
  2. Which topics your users want to read more about
  3. How your content performs in terms of quality


Why run a survey on content creation: 


Creating relevant content is key when it comes to generating leads. Also, to engange your users you want to make sure to maximize relevance for them. 


Who to target with the survey on content creation: 


Send our “create better content” surveys to users right after they’ve consumed your content. This way their memory is still fresh and you will receive meaningful feedback.

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