The #1 bug reporting software for apps and websites

Fix bugs at light’s speed

Gleap empowers software teams to troubleshoot 10x faster with in-depth technical details. All reports automatically include console and network logs, environment data, event tracking and visual feedback.

Capture feedback

If screenshots and video replays were not enough, users can draw and select exactly where the bug is.

In-app and on-site bug reports

On mobile devices users activate Gleap by shake or screenshot, in the web all they do is click a button.

Flawless reports, no matter the platform

Easily install Gleap on iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, JavaScript, Angular, Vue or WordPress.

Seamless integration in real time

Ship reports with all our Gleap data to your tool. No more interruptions to your development lifecycle.

Integrate easily in minutes on mobile and web apps

Replay video

Gleap ships a 60 second replay of a user’s steps before a report allowing you to see exactly where and why users are facing issues. No more trying to replicate bugs.

Up to


faster than trying to replicate bugs without Gleap’s issue tracker.

Live chat

Email is an unproductive channel for support. Directly message your users in real time to keep them up to date and let them know you fixed their issue.

Session data

Gleap ships all the necessary metadata. No more lengthy cross-browser tests. Know which browser, device and operating system your user was using when something went wrong. Bug reports loved by developers.

But wait, there’s more...

We also send a screenshot with every marked bug empowering app and web developers to win the war against bugs faster than ever before.



A screenshot everytime

Each bug report ships with a screenshot which users can also annotate. See things through your users’ eyes.

View console logs

Sometimes console logs contain all the secrets. Never miss the important information when a bug happens.

See network requests

See the exact network requests that occurred before a bug is reported. Seriously useful for debugging errors.

Send custom data

If console logs and network requests weren’t enough, send your own custom data along with bug reports, too. Event tracking at its finest.

Start tracking bugs within minutes

The only thing faster than squashing bugs with Gleap is adding the Gleap SDK to your app. With just a few lines of code you can save hours of headache every month.

Over 700 teams rely on Gleap when handling software bugs

“Gleap is the perfect tool for agencies to collect and manage feedback and issues. It makes projects go smoothly and clients love the shaking gesture to report bugs.”

Théo Hudry
CEO, Minuit Agency

“Gleap team’s super-fast turnaround time on delivering new feature requests, creates a winning and indispensable combination for the elimination of errors from your code.”

Martin Hardman
Transaction Network Services

“Gleap was implemented within minutes and it is now an essential part of our development process.”

Mark Breuß
Founder, MARK.ONE

Integrate Gleap with your favourite project management tools

We don’t get in the way of tools you love, we integrate with them – be it Jira, GitHub, Slack, Zapier, HubSpot or Zendesk.