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🥷 Silent bug reports

Sometimes you know something went wrong, but don't want to bother your users. In this case, you may want to send a silent bug report by calling the following method:

 Gleap.sendSilentBugReport("Houston, we have a problem!", "LOW");

The SEVERITY can be set to LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH

The severity must be LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH. The SDK also offers constants, which you could pass as severity parameter.

Silent bug report with type

In some situations you want to control the type of the feedback that is being sent automatically. For these situations you can simply use the following method.

// Sends a silent bug report as type CRASH.
'Houston, we have a problem!',

Please note that the feedback you send will be assigned to the feedback type you specify as last parameter. A list of all available feedback types can be found within your project under the menu "Settings" -> "Feedback types". If a feedback type does not exist, the feedback will be accepted but can't be viewed until you create the matching feedback type within your project.