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User feedback surveys

Our user feedback surveys let you take customer feedback to the next level. We find that since users are the ones who actually work with your product, they know best. Get user insights based on targeted surveys directly integrated in your app or website. Trigger feedback at specific moments conditional on user actions or events.

Set surveys up using our templates​

To get started with surveys in a couple of clicks, our customer relation experts have developed survey templates, which are ready to be used. You can choose from the following templates by simply clicking on use template:

  1. Product market fit

    Get a clear picture of the value your product adds to users and understand if you generally meet the market demand.

  2. Customer experience

    Measure the usability of your product or feature and improve where necessary based on real time surveys.

  3. Improve an existing product or feature

    Test an existing product or feature with real time surveys to see how you’re doing and find ways to improve even further.

  4. Onboarding experience

    Activate more customers by improving your onboarding experience based on your users’ input.

  5. Create better content

    Create the content most valuable to your users and keep them engaged.

  6. Reduce the churn rate

    Find out why customers churn and reduce the churn rate drastically.


You can always customize our templates by deleting some questions or adding your own ideas to them. Check the custom setup section for more info on how to adapt questions to your needs.

Set custom surveys up​

By choosing custom template you can start a survey from scratch. It's super easy.

1. Select a feedback type​

Select a feedback type for your question. You can choose between: one to five, multiple choice, smiley rating, short text and long text.

2. Enter question details​

Enter the details required for the feedback type you've chosen. Simply follow the instructions in the Gleap app.

3. Set required fields and CSAT results​

Decide whether you want this question to be mandatory and whether you want to apply the results to the global CSAT by using the respective toggles.

4. Add more questions to your survey​

By clicking on the add question button you can add as many survey questions as you like. No limitations.

5. Set further survey options​

Navigate to options to set a thank you message, activate a privacy policy check and decide whether you want to collect your users' emails or not.

6. Choose how you want to send your survey​

Navigate to audience to choose whether you want to send your survey directly in your app or website or via email. Simply select the option that best fits your needs.

7. Set a target audience​

You can choose between fixed or dynamic audiences. Fixed means that your survey will be sent to all the users who match your chosen criteria right now. Dynamic means that your survey will be sent to all the people who match your chosen criteria now and in the future.

Hit launch and collect results in real time​

As soon as you hit launch, your survey will be delivered to the users targeted by you. In our dashboard you can see the results of your surveys in real time and based on these inputs you can then make informed decisions.