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Migrate from Bugbattle to Gleap

Gleap introduces new features, a brand new redesign & more overall stability. With Gleap we were also rewriting major parts of our foundation and therefore needed to introduce breaking changes to our SDKs.

How to migrate from Bugbattle to Gleap

The migration takes only a few minutes and includes the following 2 steps to complete:

  • Migrate your project
  • Migrate the SDKs

Migrate your project

Migrating your existing project, ensures that it is compatible with our new SDKs. Simply open the Gleap Dashboard and choose your project. Then navigate to Widget and click on "Upgrade to Gleap".

If you are using our integrations, please ensure that they are still connected. Not all integrations can be migrated automatically, so you might need to reconnect them.

Well done 🎉 You just upgraded your project. Let's carry on with the migration of our SDKs.


Make sure to double check all project settings. We introduced many new options & features.

Migrate the SDKs

In terms of SDKs, we recommend doing a fresh install. This means you must remove the Bugbattle SDK and then perform a fresh installation with the Gleap SDK.

We updated our installation instructions within the Gleap Dashboard, to help you install the SDKs in no time. Simply open your project and move to Settings > Installation to get started.

Feel free to contact us in case you encounter any issues during the migration.