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Have your Gleap tickets automatically shipped to your Zendesk account. Thereby streamline your bug reporting process and customer support all at once.

1. Enter your Zendesk URL

To connect Gleap to Zendesk, enter your URL: and click connect.

2. Allow Gleap access to your Zendesk account

After entering your URL, you're automatically redirected to Zendesk. Give Gleap permission to access your Zendesk account by hitting allow.

3. Zendesk configuration

After you connected Gleap to Zendesk, simply choose the feedback types you want to send to Zendesk. You can choose from our standard types (Bugs, Ratings, Inquiries and Feature requests) or from the custom feedback types you've set yourself.

Hit save.

4. Start sending tickets to Zendesk

Great job, you're now all set 🎉 All of the feedback types you've selected will now automatically be sent to Zendesk together with all the important metadata and screenshots.

Edit your integration settings

If you would like to change your set of feedback types, simply click edit and adapt the settings to fit your needs.

Delete your Zendesk integration

If you no longer want to forward Gleap tickets to Zendesk, click edit and then delete to stop integrating with Zendesk.