Session Replays for WebApps

I am super thrilled to announce that our latest update (^3.4.0) for the JavaScript SDK now offers session replays – this is the feature we have been working on for the past 3 years – day & night 🎉. Bugbattle Replays provide you with an even more detailed picture about what was happening within your application or website prior to a bug report. Spend your time on developing features – not bugs.


🎥 The future of bug reporting is now


Get started by adding the following line right after initializing our JavaScript SDK. Don’t forget to also update to the latest Bugbattle JavaScript SDK version (3.4.0 or later). 





🦄 How is this magic possible?


Our SDK is listening for events happening within the DOM. All of these events get analyzed, serialized and then compressed into a replay packages. As our goal is to deliver session replays for live sites & offline / localhost environments, we also needed to incorporate a clever way of resolving & compressing all related resources, which are needed in order create a realistic replay of a user’s session. After that process, the final replay will be sent over to our servers, waiting for you or your dev team to be watched. One thing we were always keeping in mind: privacy. We stripe out sensitive data and are working on mechanisms to go even further and automatically detect personal or sensitive information.


Got questions about how our Replays work in detail? Just let us know, we are always here to help!


💥 Crash detector & silent bug reports


Bugbattle ships with an automated crash detector. As soon as a JS error occurs the crash detector triggers a bug report. Simply add the following line of code to activate the crash detector. The second argument allows you to choose between triggering a normal bug report (with UI) and a silent bug report within the background, so the user won’t notice the crash and you can fix the bug silently in the background.


// Enables the crash detector BugBattle.enableCrashDetector(enabled: boolean, silent?: boolean)


✅ DOM Recording / Session Replays for automated tests


Bugbattle Replays are super useful for explorative testing through manual bug reports triggered with the feedback button, but we didn’t stop there. Now we also added the ability to send silent bug reports through code, so you could also send automated bug reports when your automated tests within CI pipelines are failing – handy right?



// Sends a silent bug report.
BugBattle.startSilentBugReporting("", "description");

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